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Why We Brand Music To Make Your Company Money

Music branding is essentially the process of adding music, or a song, to your business in order to get more attention. There is a lot of information about how music branding works and why it's such an important part of marketing today, but for now, here are some basic things you need to know about it in order to get started.

We all have different tastes. Music transports a person to a world where anything is possible. What if buying your product made people feel like the impossible is possible? Your product with the right music can turn the perception of a shoe into a clubbing experience. The memories and sensations that sound can inspire are beyond any copy that a marketing guru can conjure. Sound is everything. Sounds good?

The metrics of your audience are vital when creating a brand strategy. The same goes for choosing the right music. Having a pulse on your companies analytics will provide insight, to help make music speak for your brand. Things like the age, the level of education and other demographic data help determine the right kind of music choices for your brand. Going deeper into the exercise requires that the core values of your company are represented in the music itself.

Imagine a company that specializes in automotive parts. Selecting high performance racing music with images that speak to your product intelligently, shifts your customer's perspective. Who doesn't like to go fast in a Ferrari? People like to be thrilled and taken to higher peaks in life. It is in our nature to want to be the first, or climb the highest mountain. We are driven and moved by excellence. This is why great music can have a lasting impression beyond words.

Copyright law (and common sense) says you can't use just any song you want; you have to make sure that they're available for commercial use. Synchronization licensing with the proper business terms need to be in place if you want to use a well known song for your ad, theme song or political campaign.

There are plenty of Royalty Free options out there. In my experience, the reason why a company should choose music is because it has already received some traction. Licensing a famous song will serve as a way to immediately equate success to your brand. Paying a Million Dollar Sync License to a Music Label can effectively boost your sales. What if your make-up can make you feel like Lady Gaga? That's a great reason to acquire usage rights.

There are ways around this with music that is similar in taste and feel. Commissioning this kind of production from a professional music production company is another option. Playlists and sponsorship of music events are also great ways to get your business and brand recognized.


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