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Advanced, highly sophisticated and advanced technology, the industry's first solution that automatically adjusts to any defect and allows for mass production.The most outstanding feature of the Laser Dental drill:It is the next generation of laser technology. It is the first product in the market that uses an LED laser, featuring more stable energy output. It provides even more accurate cutting, and the laser energy reaches a higher intensity and a higher frequency, ensuring more effective and accurate drilling. Moreover, it reduces the risk of thermal damage to dental pulp and is well suited for complex designs. The unique design of FineCut8 has an easy and ergonomic switch design that gives greater comfort and a larger cutting area. It features the best laser cutting technology. The new machine developed by Laser Engraving Technology (LET) has superior speed and accuracy. It has the fastest cutting rate, and most importantly, it saves tons of time and resources as compared to the conventional manual cutting. Working efficiently, FineCut8 sets a new benchmark for dental drill cutting. It has advanced technology, and the output rate is up to 80 drills per minute, much faster than conventional manual cutting. The product is also well suited for complex designs. It is the only dental drill in the market that can perform complex drilling with multiple colors and make use of different materials. Main Features: For different colors: It can be equipped with various colors, such as White, Yellow and Green. Multiple colors are applied to the dental drill simultaneously, saving time and ensuring high-quality products. Drill line: The drill line can be adjusted in three dimensions. It can cut fine, medium and thick lines. Thus, the drill can ensure precise drilling and reach various drilling patterns. Extra fine cut technology: The extra fine cut technology is the only dental drill with extra fine cut technology, helping to achieve a more even and accurate cutting. Stainless steel material: The drill is made of stainless steel and is easy to clean and sterilize. Stainless steel is the most widely used material in the industry. The fixture is recommended for beginners. This fixture can guide you step by step in the process of preparing the baseplate. With this feature, the process is very simple and convenient. Work time: The work time of the drill is about 5 min per pair of drill. The tool works according to the drill, so once you have learned the drilling process, you




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Mimaki Finecut 8 For Coreldraw.rar joaquala

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