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Why People Buy Values, Not Products!

People tend to buy more than just the products on offer. They buy into the idea and vision that a company is trying to communicate. The way a product makes someone feel is the primary reason behind why most people make purchases. For a company to be successful, this needs to be kept in mind and understood as the key element to creating a successful brand. Take Apple for example. Apple has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology, style and creativity. The company’s products are known worldwide for their aesthetic design, ability to provide and connect users with experiences and opportunities, and most importantly, the idea that owning an Apple product will make you unique. It is this idea that has had an incredible appeal to the general public. Hilton Hotels and Resorts also excel in communicating the values behind their brand. For over a century, they have communicated luxury, comfort, and a “home away from home” experience to the world. They have successfully communicated the values of a grand hotel stay, with a personal touch, to millions of guests over the past century. Pepsi has also successfully communicated values behind their brand for many decades. Their marketing campaigns, leading up to the 90s, were focused on the idea that “Pepsi brings you back”. The idea of nostalgia and comfort were the mainstay of many of their campaigns, and this idea was symbolised in the form of Michael Jackson’s music. His music has forever been linked to the brand, and this has helped to capture the feeling of nostalgia into a bottle.

These values have been successfully communicated to the public in the past, and continue to do so in the modern age. When people buy a product, they buy the feeling that the Brand conveys. 50 Cent’s entrepreneurial spirit and influence on branding helped to capture the idea of success and determination, as he sold Glaceau"Water" to the public. When you drink that water, somehow the bullets that life may cast at you will be deflected.

In order to communicate such core values, brands need to create branded music, as well as music playlists that demonstrate the core values of the brand. Music has been used as a key component to communicate values to the public as it carries with it emotion and meaning. iFixYourMix is a platform that provides professional music production and playlists for Brands, Labels, and Artists. Create a sound that will resonate with their target audience. As the world of branding moves forward, platforms such as iFixYourMix can help to bridge the gap between what a brand wants to communicate and how it is received by the public.

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